Project Management Fundamentals

Project management fundamentals explores the basics of project management. Examining how projects should be managed. A typical scenario in the day to day activities of a project manager on a project is discussed with frequent reference to well-known standard approaches to managing a project. Key documents and key processes of project management are elaborated on. It is a good way for project coordinators and junior project staff to get acquainted with the intermediate to advanced knowledge used in project management.

Part 1: Project Management Introduction
Part 2: Project Management Foundation 1
Part 3: Project Management Foundation 2
Part 4: Project Management Foundation 3

PMBOK® Guide Chapter 3: 5 Process Groups in detail
–Monitoring and Controlling

Part 5: Integration Management
Part 6: Project Scope Management
Part 7: Project Time Management
Part 8: Managing Cost on a Project (Cost Management)
Part 9: Managing Quality on a Project (Quality Management)
Part 10: Managing Human Resources (HR Management)
Part 11: Communications Management
Part 12: Managing Risks on Projects & Quiz
Part 13: Managing Procurements on Projects

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