Praizion Media Lead Project Management Trainer Recommendations

“Phill Akinwale is a great motivational trainer. His very personable and caring manner puts students at ease instantly. He truly cares for all of his students. He has brilliant knowledge of the PMBOK. My preparation for the PMP test focused 100% Phill’s books, test prep materials and notes from his class. His intensive “boot camp” gave me the edge I needed to pass the test on the first attempt. As a Marine Colonel, I have been through hundreds of training classes- Phill is a cut above. I would seek him out for his outstanding training. He has the professional standards of a Marine!”

Jay Krail Col USMC (Ret)
PMP Certified

Phill is the main reason I was able to pass the PMP exam with 4 out of 5 proficients. His knowledge is extensive. With his excellent teaching ability, has allowed me to understand project management better than I ever would have.

Sarah Scherff, PMP

“I hired Phill and Praizion to deliver PMP training across my department of 100+ PMs after an extensive search. I was unsure the delivery method I would end up deploying (live classroom training vs. remote ‘virtual’ classes) and Phill’s flexibility and capacity, combined with obvious professionalism and value proposition, finally convinced me to select Praizion Media.

I have not been disappointed! Phill is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable. One of the students was so impressed we have now approached Phill regarding some key client-facing work that is not a core competency of our own. Working with Praizion has evolved now into a partnership.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Dale Menefee, PMP
“Phill was a great resource for PMP training. He provided expert knowledge and a realistic approach leading to my certification. Phill was very support throughout the process and took a personal interest in my success.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rick Byrnes, PMP
“Phill’s PMP course contains everything you need to pass the test, but Phill makes it come alive in his presentations. He has very deep knowledge about the subject, and a way of getting it across that draws you in and keeps you excited about it. He teaches you to “think like PMI”. He is personally interested in each of his students, and provides mentoring that goes beyond the course work.

I did the PMP the hard way–took the course and then waited almost to the end of my deadline to take the test. The material Phill provided, his continuing Bootcamp sessions, and his personal encouragement allowed me to catch up, refresh my knowledge, and succeed on the test.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Chris Guenther, PMP
“Phill has been one of the most motivational trainers I’ve ever had. He is a very detailed-oriented professional and he is able to infect the others with his own spirit and enthusiasm. And I strongly recommend him as the best way to get the PMP Certification in the first attempt.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Javier De Carlos, PMP
“Phill led our on-line PMP sessions and mentored candidates after the live training completed. I quickly appreciated his expertise and passion for Project Management and his willingness to help everyone with any question or concern. Phill was always willing to delve into a subject after class and explain any aspect of Project Management in whatever detail was needed for the students’ understanding. After successfully passing the PMP, I can now enthusiastically report, Phill and Praizion Media are “on-track” with their excellent materials, preparation and personal attention to students. I learned something new and valuable in every session as well as being able to test my knowledge on the spot. In particular, I appreciated Phill’s willingness to answer questions out of class either on the phone or through email. He is a professional who truly cares about his profession as well as the students under his care – an unbeatable combination!” January 10, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Sonja Rowell, PMP
“Phill not only conducted an excellent course to prepare me for the PMP exam, but his enthusiasm and expertise of the subject matter were truly an inspiration. He is passionate about the subject matter, and it shows in the course he has put together, and the continued support he gives after the class has finished. Both Phill and his course are a class act, and I would recommend both without hesitation.” January 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

James Mcleod, PMP
“Phill is mentor, teacher, and coach transferring his enthusiasm for PMI to and for students. From the introduction, “This will change your life” to a personalized “Ginny crushed the exam” for each and every student successfully passing the exam”. Phill doesn’t stop at teaching PMI global standards. If students are open, they will hear and receive so much more. Praizion Media will produce the deliverable complementing PMBOK Guide with their proprietary media, high quality mentoring, value-added learning forum, recommendations for skills development, job board, and more. The success is attributable to Phill’s creativity, expertise, and high quality standard.” January 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ginny Pierce, PMP
“Phill and his company constructed an excellent, comprehensive training program that prepared me for the PMP exam. The training program included audio and video presentations, online tests, and many preparation tools, as well as an intense week-long classroom training class. He is very enthusiastic and is an expert on the subject. Phill is an excellent teacher and relates well to the people he is training. I would sincerely recomment Phill and his company for anyone wishing to complete the PMP exam.” December 25, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Don Wygant, PMP
“Phill is an incredibly enthusiastic trainer and brings a wealth of subject matter knowledge from both PMI specific content and real world experience to his training courses. The collateral supplied before, during and after the course I attended is second to none as is follow up support and guidance. Phill is committed to getting each and every student to achieving a 1st time pass and also to providing himself as a sounding board [for his students] in the practical application of their new skills.” December 6, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Leigh Richardson, PMP
“Phill was my instuctor for my 35 hour PMP classroom training but his support, availability and keeping us accountable to our studies went way beyond the classroom. I passed the exam on November 18, 2010 on my first try because of Phill and his support. Phill’s classes and mock quizzes/exams were not easy because he knew to push us to be sure we were prepared for the rigors for the exam. Phil provided us with an extensive amount of tools and techniques to help us study as well as coordinated Saturday webinars that allowed us to personally ask questions, review material and learn from others who had passed the exam. I do not believe I would have passed on my first try without Phill’s instruction, involvement and dedication. Thank you Phill for your continued support and eagerness to see us succeed even after the class was over.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Laura Calderon, PMP
“Phil was my instuctor for my 35 hour PMP classroom training and also help me in my preparation to pass the PMP exam. I did pass the exam on the first try and much credit was because of Phil and his support. Phil’s classes and mock quizzes/exams were not easy, but in a professional manner he pushed us to learn not only the terms but the rationale behind the terms and what PM should do in different situations. Phil also provided a number of tools such as flash cards on the ITTO’s and audio reviews. He also coordinated voluntarily call in study groups to help us continue our learning. I do not believe, even with my Six-Sigma BB background that I would not have passed the exam on the first try without Phil’s knowledge, quality of instruction, and support tools.”

David Harrington,PMP, CSM,Six-Sigma BB, Six-Sigma Black Belt Lean & PMP
David Harrington & Associates worked directly with Phill at Praizion Media

“Phill C. was an excellent instructor in helping me pass the PMP exam. He has deep knowledge of the project management profession. I would definitely recommend hiring Phil to educate your team of Project Managers.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Lynn Hickey, PMP
“Phil was an instructor for my PMP training class at HP Headquarters in Plano, TX in May 2010. Phil possesses a complete command of the material and is an excellent presenter. During the class he encouraged and creative an atmosphere of trust and collaboration with my peers. After the class he was incredibly supportive for all of us and mentoring us to pass and get certified. Thanks to Phil, I gathered the confidence to try and ultimately pass the PMP exam.” November 11, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Antonio Sacin, MS, PMP
hired Phill as a Career Coach in 2010

“I had the delight of being a student of Phil’s during a PMP/CAPM intensive boot camp presented by Vangent, Inc (PDCC). Upon initial introduction, I knew he meant business! He came with a deliberate and proven plan to assist others in obtaining CAPM/PMP certification on the first attempt might I add. And he did not disappoint. He set the tone for highly productive, interactive and concentrated learning of the PMBOK Guide and Project Management processes. Phil’s methodical approach to the PMP exam was impressive. The two week rigorous training course was chalk full of in depth, comprehensive Project Management processes and PMBOK Guide essentials. The tools and resources provided in training were nothing short of meticulous. From flashcards, CDs, mock exams,training modules, Phil had an innovative approach to training. I found his knowledge to be extremely thorough and concise. Moreover, his motivation and encouragement went far beyond any expectation. His dedication towards his students as well as the Project Management Institute (PMI) is highly esteemed and inspiring. Phil not only provided me the means to successful pass the PMP exam (on the first attempt) but motivated me to contribute to the PMI Body of Knowledge. I undoubtedly recommend Phil to anyone or any organization wanting to operate in excellence. Bravo Phil!” November 8, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, Creative

Cherre Jones, PMP, MBA, M.S.
hired Phill as a Business Consultant in 2010

“I appreciate Phill’s professionalism, fairness, and style as a Trainer. He gave me the tools and confidence to succeed in class and provided me with a new career path to pursue. Phill’s passion for his students’ post-training success is evident and I would recommend him for any training endeavor.” November 7, 2010

Paul Nesbitt, Team Leader, Vangent, Inc.
was with another company when working with Phill at Praizion Media

“Phil was hired to conduct PMP bootcamps for Vangent employees. His energy, enthusiasm and passion were inspiring to the students. With an array of tools that meet adult learners needs he did an exceptional job of teaching the fundamentals to our employees. With both CAPM and PMP candidates in the same classes Phil motivated students to study and succeed on their respective exams.

The bootcamp experience is crammed full of information that is reinforced with his tools for visual or auditory learners that are accessible 24/7 to accommodate anyone’s schedule. Phil offers a complete package to employers to help their employees reach the next level in their professional development.” October 31, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Julia-Isabel Davenport, MBA, PMP
hired Phill as a Business Consultant in 2010

“Phil provided excellent training that clearly followed the PMBOK and allowed me to successfully complete my PMP certification. I have taken several other courses and find that Phil’s approach was the most helpful. In addition, Phil’s continued support and encouragement after the class was completed was a key supporting factor in my testing success.” October 26, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jim Cantu, PMP
hired Phill as a PMP Trainer in 2010, and hired Phill more than once

“Phill has superior knowledge of the PMI’s project management process. Combined with his course materials, coaching, and communication skills, Phill’s training gave me the much needed confidence to pass the PMP exam on the first try.” October 12, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Justin Peyton, MBA, PMP
hired Phill as a PMP Trainer in 2010

“I attended Praizion’s PMP Exam Prep Camp and PMP Exam Bootcamp courses that were conducted by Phill. Phill is not only an excellent and inspiring trainer and educator but also an experienced practitioner who “translates” PMI’s project management framework into real-world project management examples.” October 10, 2010

Bulent Bicer, PMP Team Leader – Civilian, Defense and National Security Division, Vangent, Inc.
was with another company when working with Phill at Praizion Media

“I was fortunate to have Phill as my instructor for a Bootcamp on PMP/CAPM training held by Vangent at the Phoenix Data Capture Centerin August 2010. From the word “Go” he captured the attention of our entire class of about 25 with his relaxed and personal approach. He got us fully involved in the subject matter, bringing out the best in all of us. His knowledge on the subject is very thorough. Phill always takes the extra step for his students, helping them study with different kinds of study aids and is very encouraging at all times. I would definitely recommend Phill as an extremely proficient instructor and would look forward to attending any class he would teach!” October 9, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Renuka Patel, CAPM
hired Phill as a Career Coach in 2010

“I had the opportunity to participate in an accelerated CAPM/PMP training program conducted by Phill. He offered a very effective multifaceted program of classroom, self study, testing, internet, and webinars which he hosted. Phill showed genuine interest in the success of his class members and was readily available for questions. I would recommend his CAPM/PMP training program to any interested person or organization.” October 7, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

John Griffith, MBA, CAPM
hired Phill as a Personal Trainer in 2010

“Phill provided PMP training for nearly 200 people at our Vangent Census Paper Data Capture Center during July and August 2010. We had approximately 25 people per session. It was a challenge due to employees with varying degrees of project management knowledge and diverse work backgrounds. (Phill also provided courses for other groups in our company.) It was very evident that he knew the content well, and he made it understandable to a varied audience. I personally found success with Praizion’s materials, and many others I know have also been successful in achieving their certification.

I definitely recommend Phill as a trainer and a PMP!

Linda Hoolihan, Human Resources Manager” October 5, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Linda Hoolihan MBA, SPHR, CAPM
hired Phill as a Business Consultant in 2010

“Phill was an incredible instructor for the Project Management Professional bootcamp course! He encouraged questions to help each student know the processes/ knowledge areas, inputs, tools, techniques and outputs, ‘cold’ as he would say during each session. He went above and beyond the course by hosting webinars even after the course was completed. In short, he expects success and dedication from all who invest their time in his courses. I would take another class taught by Phill without hesitation.” October 4, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert

Shallonda Trim, CAPM
hired Phill as a Project Management Professional Instructor in 2010

“Phill’s training and the entire system developed by Praizion Media are well worth the investment. The live training is very engaging and effective. By the end of the course, I was well prepared and confident in my ability to pass the PMP exam.” September 29, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Maria del Carmen Carrillo, PMP
hired Phill as a PMP training in 2010

“Phill is a very energetic and knowledgeable instructor. He knows how to motivate people to help obtain their goals. At the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Management Growth Training (MGT) in May 2010, he provided the group the keys to success. Phill is an instructor that is dedicated to each individual’s success and is always available by phone or email no matter the time of the day. Excellent resource and extremely nice person to know. Thank you Phill for all your advice and for all your help!” September 25, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Summer Guerrero, P.E., PMP
hired Phill as a Personal Trainer in 2010

“Phill was my instructor at the PMP Exam Prep Camp in June 2010. He is an excellent and a phenomenal instructor with depth of knowledge and a great level of enthusiasm who puts his heart and sole into teaching. I was really impressed by his teaching style. What really inspired me about Phill is that he goes out of his way to ensure that his students understand and are comfortable with the materials presented. Another unique quality about Phill is that he really cares about each and every student by making sure that they attain their PMP goals. I used to reach out to Phill consistently for 2 months after the training and he promptly replied to my questions with clear explanations. In fact, he assigned me to some great tools that enhanced my PMP preparation. With Phill’s guidance, mentorship, presentation and study materials I was able to pass my PMP on the very first attempt. Phill’s teaching style also prepares you for the real life practical project management. In the end, I must say that he is by far the best instuctor that I had in the past 10+ years of my professional career. I recommend Phill and Praizion Media to the highest degree.

Phill, thanks again for your continued support.” September 19, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Kumail Jaffer, PMP
hired Phill as a Personal Trainer in 2010

“Phill is a gifted trainer, with an incredible grasp of the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK guide and their defined methods. If you’re looking for Project Management Professional training, or training in related areas, there is none better than that provided by Phill and Praizion Media. Phill has the skills to get you involved and keep you involved, while making the subject matter easy to grasp and more importantly “sink in”. I am a PMP because of Phill’s dedication to the subject, and he has earned my highest recommendations.” September 19, 2010

Thomas Beckendorf, Jr., PMP, LSIT
worked with Phill at Praizion Media

“Phill C. Akinwale is hands down a top of the line trainer. As an operations manager at Vangent, Inc., I had the pleasure of having Phill as my PMP Exam Prep instructor. Not only was Phill extremely knowledgeable on all things project management, he was also available outside the classroom for support and guidance. Phill helped me set an exam date and held me to it. I am forever grateful for his time, effort, and expertise.

I can truly say that Phill was a driving force in my exam preparation and finally my PMP certification.” September 15, 2010

Nealey Whisler, PMP, Operations Manager, Vangent, Inc.
was with another company when working with Phill at Praizion Media

“Phill is enthusiastic, full of energy and an expert in the PMP Exam training field. He is well organized, patient and use real life examples to guide students through the journey to obtain PMP certification. Highly Recommended.” September 11, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Bin Shih, PMP
hired Phill as a PMP Exam Prep Instructor in 2010

“Phil was my instructor at a PMP Bootcamp class in 2010. From the first hour of our week long class I was very impressed with Phil’s communication style, his depth of knowledge, the level of enthusiasm and his overall incredible teaching style. Phil puts his heart and sole into his class and genuinely cares about each student and the goal of attaining their PMP certification. He is a true example of a teacher. The materials provided, organization of the entire week, presentations and presentation styles were perfect and was completely geared towards a full understanding of the PMBOK Guide and processes needed for the PMP Exam. Following the materials and recommended techniques I was able to pass my PMP exam the first time and without using any additional study aides. From my overall class we have acheived a 100% success rate of passing the PMP Exam on the ver first try. I think this alone speaks highly of Phil’s skills. I recommend Phil and Praizion Media to the highest degree.” September 3, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Bharat Vandra, PMP
hired Phill as a Personal Trainer in 2010

“First, Phill did an excellent job with the PMP Exam Prep Camp he performed at HP site in Plano TX for SHPE in May 2010. After that, he performed several Boot Camp sessions to follow up with SHPE members and ensure all define individual study plans to help us prepare for the PMP exam.

Phill is very knowledgeable on Project Management and demonstrates solid experience in PM topics and that are key to take people through the challenging experience of obtaining the PMP Certification.

I personally would like to thank Phill for his support, professional advice and dedication to help me prepare, adjust and execute the training plan that allowed me to achieve the PMP certification. By far, Phill is the best instructor that I have had in my 18+ years of professional career.” August 9, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Eduardo Cobos, PMP
hired Phill as a Personal Trainer in 2010

“Phill is an exceptional educator who goes well beyond reasonable expectations to ensure his students have the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. I attended one of Phill’s PMP training courses and was blown away by every aspect. Phill was very well prepared for the classroom sessions and his teaching style is very engaging, combining PMI concepts with real-world scenarios. But what sets Phill and Praizion apart is what happens after the course is over. The online quizzes, modules, mock exams, audio CDs, flashcards and other materials were a critical component in my studying. With the variety of media, everyone is sure to find the right tool to suite their learning style. Further, Phill has been very responsive whenever I have had a question, even months after the course. The Praizion approach removes the excuses and ultimately led to my passing the PMP exam with high proficiency on the first try.” August 4, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Brian Snyder, PMP
hired Phill as a Trainer in 2009

“Phil Project Management knowledge, experience and attitude were key contributors to get my PMP certification.” August 3, 2010

Carlos Parra, PMP, Portfolio Leader Canada and Latin America (Global TnT), Hewlett Packard
was with another company when working with Phill at Praizion Media

“Phil is a very good trainer and an inspiring person who get the best out of his students” July 24, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Hari Vellodi, PMP
hired Phill as a Business Consultant in 2010

“I have worked as an educator or with educators for my entire career, and Phill is one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Immensely knowledgable, and incredibly energetic!” July 23, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert

David Hall, PMP
hired Phill as a Trainer in 2010

“Phill is an excellent educator, motivator, and communicator. I have just completed his PMP Training course, and found him to be extremely knowledgeable.

The additional materials he created and distributed (workbooks, audio guides, online lectures, flashcards,etc…) are particularly helpful. Overall, it shows me the enthusiasm he has for what he does, and it comes across in his classes! Can’t wait to take another one of his courses!

Thanks Phill!” June 12, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mike Bacarra
hired Phill as a Education in 2010

“To say that Phill is a great trainer (while true) does not seem to do him justice. Beyond the normal traits that make an individual a good trainer (subject matter expertise, personality, patience, persistence etc) Phil’s first hand experience of Project Management principles and his ability to relate concepts to real world scenario’s really creates an engaging learning experience.

Phill’s passion for Project Management is clear as his his commitment to his students as evidenced by his follow-up calls and encouragement.

The online (and other) training tools that Praizion Media bring to the table are also excellent. Ten out of Ten Phill and Praizion Media.” May 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Nigel Ferguson, PMP
hired Phill as a Project Management Training in 2009

“Phill is by far the best trainer I have experienced. He trained a group of 35 for one solid week by himself. He was very well prepared, kept a quick moving and exhiting tempo throught the week. Knew everyone in the course and made them strive for their personal best. His voice did not diminish in quality, strength and energy throughout the week, which I found surprising. He is a superb teacher, knowledgeable of the different learning styles and kept the class interesting by switching activities and modalities. I give my highest recommendations for his professional communication skills, expertise in the subject, charismatic personality, and high energy.” May 24, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Maria Larrondo Petrie,
hired Phill as a Professional Development Trainer in 2010

“Phil is a great presenter. He is very involved, has great knowledge of Project Management and other Professional Development areas. He is very personable and has a great sense of humor. I’ve learned so much from attending his PMP course. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend his training and that I met him. He is truly great individual!” May 24, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Frank Barragan
hired Phill as a Professional Development in 2010

“Phill is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond for his students. All the course materials, online training and presentations provided by Praizion Media were of the highest quality and definitely helped me to understand and learn about Project Management on the world of PMI. Thank you for your continued support!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable

Lisbeth Navarro, PMP
hired Phill as a Career Coach in 2010