Project Management Audio Digest 20 Hour MP3 Download (LARGE ZIP FILE: 1GB)






Project Management 20 Hour Curriculum


Taught by project management trainer and coach Phill C. Akinwale, PMP, CAPM and Emily Berry, MBA, PMP, CAPM
Publication Date: 2018

This product is compatible with the new exam and contains:

  • * 20 hour Audiobook with detailed study of all processes and ITTOs
  • * is a PORTABLE study aid for the Exam; take it with you on-the-go, in your car, at the gym, on break at work or play it as relax. MAXIMIZE commute times.
  • * Maximizes wait time at cofee, doctor’s or school runs
  • * Free audio MP3 updates
  • * Is an ACCESSIBLE quick reference when you need useful project management information
  • * Is a VALUABLE refresher to help you prepare for that PM job interview

Do you identify with any of these comments?:

  • * I don’t have time to read books!
  • * The standard is long-winded. I don’t get it.
  • * I can’t commit to getting certified! Too much involved.
  • * I am certified but have no time to catch up on the fifth edition.

If you can identify with these comments, then you need: The Project Management Audio Digest.

This is a ROBUST 20 hour AUDIO review of the  covering ALL chapters:

  • * chapters 1 – 3 and knowledge areas (Ch4 to 13)
  • * 5 process groups, 49 process & all ITTOs

“I have a 40 minute commute to work and these audio CDs have been fantastic. They have saved me an enormous amount of time while being able to stay on top of the class that I am currently taking.” -Manuel

“This saved me so much time in studying for the exam. I only commute about 25 minutes each way, but still that is 50 minutes per day that I get to spend studying with no impact on the rest of my schedule. ” – Firebelly

Get Motivated! Get Certified!