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Product Description
PMP® Exam Bootcamp

If you need a quick and easy solution to brush up on your PM skills for the PMP® exam, look no further. This is 6 hours of PMP® Exam study in MP3 format and an end to end fast pace crash course and study of the processes of project management. Advised for intermediate to advanced project management students. Covers the exam topics at a very fast pace touching on essential points that need to be understood to take the exam. Ideal for those who have studied for outdated tests but need to take the current exam. Get a solution that works for you! Download, CD or MP3! Put it on your ipod or laptop and listen!

  • Gauge understanding and preparedness for the PMP® exam and brush up where necessary. Recall what you have forgotten.
  • Pass the PMP® exam!


  1. Introduction_Welcome
  2. BootcampIntro
  3. DevelopProjectCharter
  4. Identify_Stakeholders
  5. DevelopProjectManagementPlan
  6. PlanScopeManagement
  7. CollectRequirements
  8. Define_Scope
  9. Create_WBS
  10. Plan_Schedule_Management
  11. Define_Activities
  12. Sequence_Activities
  13. Estimate_Activity_Resources
  14. Estimate_Activity_Durations
  15. Develop_Schedule
  16. Plan_Cost_Management
  17. Estimate_Costs
  18. Determine_Budget
  19. PlanQualityManagement
  20. PlanHumanResourceManagement
  21. PlanCommunicationsManagement
  22. PlanRiskManagement
  23. Identify_Risks
  24. Perform_Qualitative_RiskAnalysis
  25. Quantitative_Risk_Analysis
  26. Plan_Risk_Responses
  1. PlanProcurementManagement
  2. Plan_Stakeholder_Management
  3. Direct_and_Manage_Project_Work
  4. Perform_Quality_Assurance
  5. Acquire_Project_Team
  6. Develop_Project_Team
  7. Manage_Project_Team
  8. Manage_Communications
  9. Conduct_Procurements
  10. Manage_Stakeholder_Engagement
  11. MonitorControl_ProjectWork
  12. Perform-Integrated-Change-Control
  13. Validate_Scope
  14. Control_Scope
  15. Control_Schedule
  16. Control_Cost
  17. Control_Quality
  18. Control-Communications
  19. Control_Risks
  20. Control_Procurements
  21. Control_Stakeholder_Engagement
  22. Close_Procurements
  23. Control_Stakeholder_Engagement
  24. Close_Procurements
  25. Close_Project_or_Phase
  26. TrainerInformation

This is very fast paced and is not to be compared to the PM Audio Digest which walks students at a slower pace. This is for those ready to take the exam in a few months, weeks or days! This is for PMs who are accustomed to the exam syllabus to a large extent, otherwise the PM Audio Digest is advised.

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  • Audio MP3
  • Publisher: Praizion Media
  • Language: English


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