7 Basic Quality Tools

The quality management area has several tools and techniques in the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition.


A common request from PMP/CAPM aspirants is additional examples so here are links to examples of the “7 Basic Quality Tools” and “Seven Quality Management and Control Tools” we compiled from ASQ’s site to help PM colleagues studying for the test:


Interrelationship Diagraph: http://goo.gl/ZsdIwo

PDPC Chart: http://goo.gl/yNYXtY

Ishikawa/Fishbone/Cause and Effect Diagram: http://goo.gl/WM5hwH

Affinity Diagram: http://goo.gl/MuUBLM

Flowchart: http://goo.gl/NnHuFU

Control Chart: http://goo.gl/tTthrl

Scatter Diagram: http://goo.gl/sGBmbf

Check Sheet: http://goo.gl/iHxBYU

Pareto: http://goo.gl/VVZ7KO

Histogram: http://goo.gl/8uIKBe

Tree Diagrams: http://goo.gl/lXNlvB

SIPOC: http://goo.gl/h9iqf4

Prioritization Matrices: http://goo.gl/7BDNOp

Network Diagrams: http://goo.gl/2LZ04e


All the best on the exam!


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