Would you like to find yourself LAUGHING all the way to the  SCORE BANK” like I did on your PMP® or CAPM® Exam?

Currently just $19.99



Then get this “cramlist” on your phone and use this as “a reminder to self” to know ALL those definitions…there is a lot of stuff but know this cold.



See them as ITTO reminders…use brute force, motivation or what you can to know these standard terms.

Look them up where ever you can but KNOW THEM! NO PAIN NO GAIN. I hope it helps remind you of the missing gaps!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking “I will know what that ITTO is when I see them it in a set of options A B C D”. You will be overwhelmed! KNOW IT NOW!

Pmp Exam Cramlist | eBooks | Business and Money























3 thoughts on “SIXTH EDITION – PMP® and CAPM® Exam CRAMLIST”

  1. sir with due respect
    I cannot forget your effort for helping people especially for those English is third language
    you are The only person you can give us the correct understanding of pmp with simple & correct way
    so my fully respect to you
    please remember to remember me to your family

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